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SCA/Canton Activities

In the SCA you have the opportunity to try on or focus on a variety of different activities such as martial arts (archery, heavy fighting, rapier, equestrian) arts & science and social gathering. Each activity has various types of tournaments and competitions. In addition, there are strict safety standards and rules. All of the activities are supervised by "marshals", who enforce the rules and maintain the safety standards. As in any other sport, participants are trained to ensure everyone’s safety. Minors may take part in Youth Combat, Target Archery, and Equestrian activities.

The Canton of Brockore Abbey provides you with the opportunity for archery and heavy fighter practice as well as workshops for art & sciences related projects. Newcomers are welcome and we always have some loaner gear to get your started. To participate in any of the martial arts you should wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Here is a brief overview of the different activities possible in the SCA. (Brockore Abbey does not at this time offers all activities)

Armored Combat

It involves wearing metal or leather armor, using shield, rattan swords and other weapons such as axes and pole arms. Novice fighters are trained by the more experienced fighters and they thought how to use their weapons, how to defend themselves, and how to judge blows received in combat. Armored Combat includes heavy fighting, rapier and combat archery. If you like more information on armored combat please check out the SCA Newcomer Resource (half way down the page). If you like to know about our local heavy fighter practice please check out the events page or contact the Knight Marshal.


Links of Interest:

SCA Armored Combat Handbook (Society)

Atlantian Combat Rules Website (Kingdom)


Rapier combat, sometimes referred to as light weapons fighting, uses modified fencing equipment to simulate fighting techniques of the Renaissance period. Using various styles of rapiers, like epees or schlagers. Combatants of all types follow a system of rules and extensive training that permit a realistic and energetic sport while maintaining a sterling safety record.

Links of Interest:

Florilegium of combat rapier

SCA Chivalry Arts

Target Archery

As the name implies, involves shooting arrows at stationary and moving targets. We hold archery practice as often as possible and always welcome newcomers; we usually have loaner bows and arrows too. Please check out our event page for date, time and location of archery practices or contact the Knight Marshal for more information. Bow types allowed are crossbows, traditional longbows and re-curves and of course, period hand bows. For additional rules regarding what types of bows and crossbows are allowed refer to the links below or contact your local archery marshal.

In addition, there are also Thrown Weapons and Atlatl activities (an Atlatl is a primitive device used to throw a fletched spear) as well a Combat Archery. (getting to shoot blunt arrows at live armored targets)


Links of Interest:

SCA Target Archery Rules (Society)

Atlantian Target Archery Site (Kingdom)

Mounted Equestrian

Mounted Equestrian activities are a Marshal discipline in the SCA and involve learning and perfecting the horsemanship skills for hunting and war that any upper-class citizen would have known, even jousting. The safety of the animals and participants is of primary concern, so great care is taken in training of those interested in these activities.


Links of Interest:

SCA Equestrian Officer (Society)

Atlantian Calvary Information (Kingdom)

Arts and Science

Arts & Science are the crafts, skills, and technologies from the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. Participants research, study, and practice these skills and then share their results with others. You will see them in use and on display at our events - the recipes used for a feast, the armor worn in combat, the scrolls presented in Court, and the costumes (garb) we wear, just to name a few. We provide monthly Art & Science workshops that cover a variety of different projects; new ideas for time period related projects are always welcome. If you like more information on upcoming projects please contact the Minister of Art & Science and check out the events page for location and time.


Links of Interest:

SCA Arts & Science Resource Page (Society)

Atlantian Ministry of Arts & Science (Kingdom)

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